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The sweet taste of self destruction [entries|friends|calendar]
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[03 Sep 2005|11:34pm]

hahah sooooo true:)
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[23 Aug 2005|03:22pm]
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[12 Jul 2005|05:38pm]
gahh nigga bitches and ho's.. MY COMPUTOR FINALLY WORKS ^.^ gahh! im so excited and im finished w/ my first session of summer school YAY now on to the next.. niggggggga.
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[14 Mar 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | excited ]

YAY YAY YAY NO SCHOOL FOR Cyndi tomarrow=) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! atleast not until 7th period or sumtin, cause then i gotta go to tutoring or how ever you spell it, but its alright cause my midgets commin w/ me=) i'll miss you michael, love you!

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[19 Feb 2005|03:02pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so. last night me and katie went to see boogieman, but stupid me was ont he phone w/ my dad when the best part happened and katie cant even tell me what it was! sheeesh, then on the way hom we went to mike's for like n hour, n daniel was there. tttthen went back to katies for the night.. then eh. woke up ate shit, mike and daniel came over..then left and brought us back KFC cause me n katie are straight black like that, then they left again..and mike came back n got me and we came back to my house for a while.. la la dee da, fun stuff. Tomarrow my midgets birthday *GEt ExCiTeD!* I LOVE YOU KATIE!

Great fun, but over all mood=bad

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meh [17 Feb 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

hmm gess what? I Love Michael.. lol

Tomarrow, im goin to midgets .. fun fun n see'n boogie man i believe:) n shit nig, i dont even know what else this weekend.. but until then peices niggas

<3 x 33 Lou

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[14 Feb 2005|04:19pm]
yay for valentines day and being in love ! ^.^ this is some//most of what michael got me (I LOVE YOU!)

Aww i love him so muuuuch:)
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[12 Feb 2005|02:59pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

woo ^.^ so .. last night mike came over n hung out fun fun.<3 n today me n squishy n midget went to the mall n saw alooota peoples, then when we were gettin ready to leave jenni, brittany, n stupid fucking lil rachel came and attacked us.. then natalie and bubba came behind them.. THEN lil danny appeared..but just like.. walked by lol.. annnnnnnnnnnnnnd tonight. eaither movies w/ midget + ash or skating w/ J BOWL!

Jenni n Nat woo hawtness!^.*
JENNI MADE ME TAKE THAT ONE OFF! boo on you! lol but i still love you:-*
My Mafia Man Squishy

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yeah your fucking mother cunt [09 Feb 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

water ballerina
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hmm, i havnt updated in a loooooong time.... i havnt really had time// felt like it. alots been goin on lately. i've been see'n my love alot more (michael Happy 4 months today ((kisses))) im not really in the mood to type a life storey right now so yeah..

report cards came out today (woo).. im passing 5 out of 7 and in my eyes, thats perfectly fine. heh.

Frrrrriday, me and bam are going to spankys to surely eat our weight in food^.* haha maybe meet some people. idk. NO GUYS! lol (michael) , then saturday. i believe mike's comming over^.^ i love him. soooo much.....then then then monday is VALLLLLENTINES DAY! yay for love! lol (smacks self) i still havnt gotten mike anything >.> but i know what to get know:) i just hope he likes it . o.0

and I MISS MY JESSICA! (pouts) where are you love?

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[06 Feb 2005|02:02pm]
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[05 Feb 2005|03:42pm]
Part Three
And that was the end of their Hanson encounters until they reached Perth two days later. It was after the show and the girls headed out to a bar to spend a bit of time talking, and watching each other get drunk. Well, ok, they all just wanted to experience Shelley and Becc drunk in the flesh, rather than over MSN. It was there that Cyndi had her next encounter with Zac, and the rest of them had their first real encounters with him and Isaac.
They were sitting at a table talking when in walked 2 guys, who all the skanky girls seemed to instantly attach themselves to. The 10 or so girls sitting together, took note of who it was that had just entered, and also their displeasure at the girls that were now around them. After a few minutes, Cyndi decided she would go and save Zac, and also help her friends to get acquianted with Ike.
"Hey Zac, how's it going?" Cyndi asked, as she walked up next to him.
"What are you, following me around the country?" He asked her.
"Haha, you'd think that wouldn't you." She laughed nervously, looking around the room.
"You would, wouldn't you, well it's good to see you again." He smiled, happy that the other girls seemed to be disappearing now that Cyndi had appeared.
"Listen, did you want to come and join me and my friends? We're just sitting talking, and laughing at Shelley being drunk."
"Sounds fun." He said, motioning to Ike and walking over to the table with Cyndi, Ike soon followed, happy to be free of the girl that had attached herself to him.
The other girls at the table really didn't seem to see the point of Zac and Cyndi actually being there with them since they seemed to pay no attention to anyone but each other.
"See what Cyndi said about being made for each other." Kate laughed to Heidi who was sitting next to her. Cyndi only just heard the comment and kicked Kate under the table. At least she thought it was Kate.
"OW!" Isaac screamed in pain. "Who kicked me?" He yelled, interrupting his conversation with Liz and Kirsty, from where they had been talking about guitars. "Zac? Why did you kick me?"
"I didn't kick you, you idiot? Why would I kick you?"
"Oh, I don't know, because you're annoying?" Ike said, getting annoyed. "I'm going back to the hotel." He mumbled, before saying goodbye and leaving.
"I better go after him, well at this rate, I might see you around." Zac smiled, before following after Ike.
"You had to make that comment Kate, now they're both gone!" Cyndi said annoyed.
"You had to kick Ike, we were finally getting our plan into action, and you had to go and kick him!" Liz said, half joking, half angry at Cyndi.
"Guys, don't argue. It's so obvious that Zac is crushing on her, we just have to run into them again and we'll be fine!" Aimi laughed.
"Oh, see I like that plan!" Kirsty smiled.
"Yeah, the rest of us might get to talk to them a bit this time." Kate smirked.
"We can't help that Ike liked us more." Liz laughed, sticking her tongue out at Kate.
"I say it's a trip to the pub in Adelaide, and hopefully this time Tay will be with them as well!" Jane added as they stood up getting ready to leave.
"I'd say this has been a pretty eventful trip so far, let's see what else can happen."

The girls got to Adelaide the next day early enough to get a good spot in the line, so they queued outside the venue during the day in hope of getting their first front row of the tour. They got inside and made sure that they were all together at the front, on Zac's side of the stage, it wasn't long until the support and then the main act.
"I wonder if they'll recognise us from last night." Shelley commented as they stood talking.
"We told Ike we were going to be here and to look out for us." Kirsty laughed.
"You told him?" Cyndi asked, getting a little nervous.
"Don't worry he promised not to tell Zac, cos it was obvious you hadn't told him why we were in the same places as him." Liz told her, trying to calm her down.
"But now he's going to think I'm a freaky groupie." Cyndi said, starting to freak.
"Cyndi, he won't. It's ok. Calm down." Kate said, rolling her eyes as the support act came on.

About halfway through Hanson's set, Ike looked over at them and smiled. He half nodded his head at them and then kept looking around the room. Then Zac looked in their direction and spotted Cyndi. Well they assume that's what he spotted, cos he kept looking at them for about 2 songs, before finally looking somewhere else. While the others couldn't wait to hopefully run into them at a bar, Cyndi was slightly apprehensive, scared of what Zac might say.

PART FOUR!---------------------------------

She needn't have worried as they happened to find the right pub and run into them again.
"So it seems you are actually following my ass around the country?"
"Yeah, so it does. Ok, let's face the facts, I'm a groupie, what can I say?" Cyndi laughed nervously. Zac hinted the nervousness in her voice and laughed.
"Don't be worried, I'm not scared of you now or something. If you're into the music that's cool. Besides, Tay's wife used to be somewhat of a groupie, I'm predestined to be with one." He winked at her. She knew this was wrong, he had a girlfriend, but she couldn't help flirting with him. It was then that Shelley decided this was no time to be shy. She strode over to where they were chatting and casually joined in the conversation. Cyndi was startled by the forwardness that Shelley had shown, and started to get scared. This was going to turn all the Squishies against one another, as they got in with their favourite band, and tried to get their hands on one another. On the other side of the room, Kirsty, Kate, Liz, Bella and Aimi were all crowded round Ike, trying to talk to him. Liz had had enough of them all, herself included, trying to outshine the others and make an impression on Isaac, so she went for a walk outside. She soon realised she was being followed as a person called to her.
“Liz, wait up.” Ike called, as she stopped in her tracks and turned to face him. “Where are you going?”
“Just had to get out of there for a bit.” She smiled as she sat down on a bench.
“I know what you mean, I was starting to feel a bit clustered in there, so many people crowded around me, and then all these other girls came over and attached themselves to me as well.” Ike said, sitting down next to her, and looking around. “Sometimes I just wish I was a normal guy, living a normal life, but then I’d miss the music too much.”
“I wish I could do what you do every day.” Liz said, staring at the ground.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but there’s all these people who want to associate with me, just because I’m Isaac Hanson, or because I’m Taylor Hanson’s brother.” He said rolling his eyes. “Even half of my girlfriend’s have been like that. It’s like it’s not enough that I was the one that got hit with the ugly stick, someone had to rub it in more by giving me a string of cheating and bitchy girlfriends.”
“I think you need to get your head checked if you think you’ve been hit with the ugly stick.” Liz said, going red, realising what she’d just said.
“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Kirsty asked, bouncing out of the pub with Heidi.
“Just chatting,” Ike said, smiling. “See what I mean.” He added to Liz, rolling his eyes.
“No actually Ike, I don’t see what you mean. I think you’re just a bit paranoid.” Liz said, as she stood up from her spot and wandered back towards the pub.

And finally, part FIVE!------------

Two days later and they found themselves in Melbourne. This time they lingered at the back of the venue, too lazy to line up all day on what was a fairly cold day, and Shelley dragged them all sightseeing. Nothing much had been said about 2 nights before, and what went on, most of them hoping more to forget how much they drank, and how sick they felt the next day. The truth was, half of them didn’t even remember what had happened. So at the back of the venue they stayed, happy to watch from afar this time. They had no plans to go out that night, more inclined to go back to the ‘Squishy House’ aka Liz and Kirsty’s place to sit and chill, and maybe get some sleep. Considering they hadn’t had much yet, this sounded very good to all of them, and they had an earlyish flight to Sydney the next day.

They woke up early to go to the airport. They were checking in when Kirsty heard some familiar voices behind them.
“Still following us then?” Zac laughed. “I’d have thought you’d have all gone home by now.”
“I am going home.” Cyndi smirked at him, as she turned back to talking to Kate.
“Ahh, well my bad. What about the rest of you?”
“I’m going to visit my family.” Liz said, laughing.
“We’re going to visit Cyndi.” Heidi laughed.
“Yeah, we stopped following you a long time ago, we were just going and visiting our friends.” Kate added.
“Oh right, I see. Visiting friends, that’s what it’s called now? Not stalking my ass around the country?”
“Yes, we’re visiting friends. Got a problem with that Zac?”
“Hey if you can’t confess that you’re all obsessed with me it’s your problem not mine.”
“Oh yes, gorgeous Zac, we love you so much, you are our sex God, please, please do us now! Immediately.” Kate laughed, rolling her eyes.
“Hey, I wouldn’t say no.” Shelley said quietly.
“Me either.” Liz answered her.
“Well then, there’s closet over there, you coming?” Zac said, grabbing Kate’s hand and pulling her. Kate’s face turned to one of pure shock before Zac burst out laughing and almost fell over. “What did you think I was going to do? Haven’t you heard, I’m the good one.” Zac winked.
“Zac, are you harassing the locals?” Taylor asked walking over towards them.
“Oh, Tay, you haven’t met mine and Ike’s pub friends.”
“Your pub friends? Oh, those girls you kept running into at the bars?”
“Yeah, them. Tay, this is Cyndi, Shelley, Liz, Kate, uh, man I can’t remember all the names. I never was good with names.”
“Hi, I’m Jane.”
“And I’m Becc!” They both jumped forward towards Tay.
“Hey, You’re the one with the cool t-shirts!” Tay said, looking at Becc intently.
“Ah, yeah I am.” Becc said, backing away slightly, scared of the last encounter she’d had with Taylor.
“Wicked!” Tay said looking very excited, everyone looking at him funny. “What? Have I got something on my face?” He said, suddenly very worried.
“Oi! You two, come on! We have to check in!” Isaac called over to them, half smiling and then looking away.
“What’s up with him?”
“I said something the other night I don’t think he liked.” Liz said, looking the other direction.
“Ah, so he’s just being a prat? Nothing new there. Bye girls.” Zac said walking off with Tay.

hopefully, that was the end to those creepy stories lol.
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[05 Feb 2005|08:35am]
Summer Wheatley
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Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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[03 Feb 2005|03:19pm]

I am nerdier than 7% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I am going to die at 68. When are you? Click here to find out!
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[02 Feb 2005|06:04pm]

I adopted a cute lil' cow fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

yay for my fetus ..its s moo moo ^.^
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[01 Feb 2005|05:47pm]

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!

i have adopted an emo, this is my fav. one.. it reminds me of chris, haha life sucks so go write a song about it!!!!!!! ^.^

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PART TWO! [31 Jan 2005|07:24pm]
so.. i find that theres a part TWO to this creepy storey! geez. read on--

It was May 2005, and Cyndi was preparing for a 7am flight to Brisbane to meet all her friends. They were planning a round the country trip to see Hanson in concert, but the group of friends lived all over the country and so Cyndi was forced to face the hour long flight by herself, little did she know, she would not be by herself at all. She checked in and headed for her departure gate, stopping to get a hot chocolate on the way. It was then that she saw a familiar figure walk past, but she just put it down to her own daydreaming and anxiousness. She sat in a seat at the gate, waiting for her flight to be called, and eventually boarded the plane. She was kind of annoyed since the flight was full, and she liked to have an empty seat next to her due to anxieties that she had. A little while after she had sat down a guy came and sat next to her, now she knew it wasn't just her hopefulness, he really was there, he really was sitting there next to her. Zac bloody Hanson was in the seat next to her on the plane. All she could do was sit and try not to stare at the highly attractive, very famous guy that was sitting to her right. After a while, he turned to her and started making conversation, it seems that he can't stay quiet for very long, and with his brothers being in the row in front of him, he had no one to talk to other than her. He just started making random comments, which Cyndi wasn't sure if they were directed at her, or if he was just making them for the sake of it. Then he started directing them at her.
"What ya listening to?" He asked her, pointing at her ipod.
"Uh.." Oh God Cyndi, you had to be listening to the freaking song you're not supposed to have when he asked that question, you idiot!
"That interesting hey?" He half laughed, as he ruffled through his bag.
"Yeah, I'm listening to John Mayer actually," she smiled as she quickly changed the song and looked down at what the screen was now displaying. Oh thank God he didn't see that, then I would've been screwed, she thought to herself as Zac kept talking to her and talking, they found themselves on the topic of books, which is where they had headed when Cyndi had met them the year before. Eventually they arrived in Brisbane and Zac kept talking to her even when he didn't have to. At first it kind of freaked Cyndi out, but then she decided to just not care and take in the conversation with him.
"CYNDI!" Kirsty and Liz screamed as they ran towards her in the arrivals area, totally neglecting to notice who it was she was talking to.
"Hey guys! Is everyone else here?" Cyndi asked, as she noticed Zac slip away.
"Nope, we were the first ones here, you're the second one. Kate gets in at 9:30, Shelley and Aimi don't get in til lunchtime and Becc and Jane get in, in about 25 minutes."
"But other than that?"
"We're all here and accounted for!"
"Not accounted for, where are Heidi and Bella?" Liz said, looking around from where they had lost the other 2 they had flown from Melbourne with.
"OH MY GOD!" Kirsty said softly, as she looked at the luggage carousel. "Liz. Look." She said, pointing at where Isaac stood pulling bags off the carousel.
"You two were completely oblivious to who I was talking to, weren't you."
"You were talking to someone." Liz questioned, looking around them.
"Yes, you idiots, I was talking to Zac, he sat next to me on the plane."
"Zac was next to you on the plane? Why didn't you tell us?"
"I just did freako! Come on, I need to get my bag before it disappears into the nothingness that is the airport."
"Knowing your luck with luggage it won't be here for another hour, so what's the rush." Liz laughed as they walked over to the carousel. They stood there waiting for Cyndi's bags to show up, continually turning to see if they could place exactly where Heidi and Bella were anyway. After awhile Zac walked past and smiled.
"Well, see you around Cyndi!" He waved as he walked past with his brothers and their roadies. Kirsty and Liz just stared at the boys as they headed towards their awaiting car.
"Did you guys just see who came through the airport?" Heidi said, running over to where the three girls were standing.
"Yeah, we did. Cyndi got to sit next to Zac on the plane! Oh man, I so shouldn't have moved to Melbourne!" Liz said, looking around to watch the car drive off.
"You WHAT?!" Heidi questioned.
"I. Sat. Next. To. Zac. On. The. Plane. That slow enough for you to understand?"
"Yes, thank you." Heidi grimaced.
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[31 Jan 2005|05:52pm]
[ mood | g ]

hhahaha i found this storey in some random persons journal..and the amusing thing is the names are mine, and some of my friends..well i know people with all those names. It's mainly about me and Liz.:-p ..weird huh?---

A Very Squishy Wedding :D

"Zac, man, calm down."
"How can I calm down, why should I calm down, I can stress out if I want to, what if I want to stress out? Huh? What about that Ike, had you thought about that?"
"Take a chill pill Zac. It's not that scary, I know, I've been there, done that." Taylor laughed, thinking back to his own big day. The three boys were sat in the lounge room of their parents' Tulsa home, waiting for their Dad to come down and drive them to the venue. The venue for what you might ask, the venue for one Zachary Walker Hanson's wedding. The day had finally come for Zac to marry his long time girlfriend, Cyndi. Isaac sat in the corner of the room, watching Zac freak out over tiny little things, wondering if his chance would finally ever come, to do what his two younger brothers had successfully beaten him to. To watch the girl of his dreams walk down the aisle towards him. Hell, he hadn't even found the girl of his dreams, he was still hoping for her to come along some time. His current girlfriend, insert name of this week's ditzy blonde here, just wasn't right for him, and all he longed for, was to find someone who respected him and treated him well.

Meanwhile, welcome to the other side of Tulsa, where Zac's house is situated. Inside the house, are 10 girls. Each of them trying to find something that they'd misplaced the night before. Cyndi was stressing out about as much as Zac was, only she was getting her make-up done, and there was no room for her to move, so she was just sitting, yelling at people to make sure things were getting done.
"Hey Kirst, have you seen my shoes?" Liz asked, as she came walking down the stairs.
"You and your freaking shoes," Cyndi yelled from the kitchen.
"Hey guys? Have you seen my brush?" Kate yelled from her position in the bathroom.
"I'll help you look for your brush, if you help me look for my shoes!" Liz bargained, as she walked back up the stairs.
"You have yourself a deal!" Kate laughed as she begun searching the second floor of the house in aid of finding the missing shoes and brush.
"I have your shoes, and I have your brush, now if only I had Zac." Shelley sighed as she handed Kate and Liz their belongings.
"Come on Shelley, you don't need Zac, you've got your man." Kate half laughed as they all stood in the doorway of the bathroom, Liz and Shelley watching Kate brush her short hair.
"There are too many people in this house right now." Heidi said, trying to push Shelley out of the way to get into the bathroom.
"Just wait til Diana and the girls get here, it's going to be even better then." Kirsty smiled as she joined the others.
"Did everyone just ditch Cyndi downstairs?" Kate asked as she finally finished doing her hair. The girls had all been friends for years and had all made pacts to make each other their bridesmaids. None of them realised at the time, they would all be the bridesmaids at the wedding of the one thing that had brought them all together. Well, a third of the thing that brought them all together anyway. The fight for maid of honour at the wedding was fierce, especially after they found out that Isaac was going to be best man, well between four of them it intensified anyway. The rest just let those four fight it out, the battle was really only between Kate and Liz, Cyndi's two closest friends in the group. Cyndi couldn't choose between the two and ended up tossing a coin to decide who would be the maid of honour, Kate came out on top, and on went the wedding preparations. So, we're here at the day of the wedding, maybe we should take you back to where the whole affair started.

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Background [31 Jan 2005|03:04pm]
[ mood | =) ]

As you might notice, my background is Mike, squishy, and matt. lol....yesh i know its hawt, and might make you wonder ^.* (...they had a lil fun on my bed)

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^.^ [30 Jan 2005|10:57am]
[ mood | Brrr ]

sooooooooo. Friday, after our early out i went to mike's:) and had a great time (of course) then me n squishy went home.. and blah blah blah. katie came n got me and Me, her, ashley, mike, and brandon all went to the movies =) which was fun x 89034483029483904382904389403849032743028 5701 and so was the ride home lol, i love michael sooooooooo god damn much ^.^ hehe i win. then yeasterday i went to midgets, and ash came over and we watched movies..(well sorta but the fuckers fell asleep! lol) then came home sometime today? And horrrrrrray for snow! its beautiful outside:) and HOPEFULLY we wont have school tomarrow:)

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[24 Jan 2005|03:34pm]
yay! Michael was finnaly allowed to come over today, so all day i've been with him ^.^ (which was great if i might add) .. Tomarrow will make a ..4 day weekend for me ^.^ im getting my hair dyed, and BRACES! >.< oh my.
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